Am I right for ClearCorrect?

A great alternative to traditional metal braces, ClearCorrect invisible aligners work to correct orthodontic issues such as crooked or crowded teeth, noticeable gaps and troublesome overbites. They are custom-built to make continuous adjustments to the wearer’s teeth, and they provide outstanding results once the treatment is complete.

ClearCorrect Procedure

When using ClearCorrect, the patient will be required to wear an aligner for at least 20 hours per day. Every two weeks, the current aligner will be replaced with a new one in order to slowly adjust the positioning of their teeth over time. In most cases, a patient will need to use the aligners for one to two years before the desired results are achieved.

ClearCorrect vs Braces

ClearCorrect aligners provide several advantages over traditional metal braces. The most significant advantage is that they can be taken out at any time. This allows a patient using ClearCorrect to eat and drink whatever they would like during treatment. Their removability also allows patients to continue with their usual oral hygiene practices while using ClearCorrect. Since ClearCorrect aligners are clear, they are almost entirely invisible to others. Since ClearCorrect aligners do not present the same injury risks as metal braces, they are also a great option for athletes who play contact sports.


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