Dental Bridges

One of the most troubling oral health issues that a person can experience is tooth loss. The problem affects a surprisingly large number of people, and it can make regular tasks like chewing food and speaking clearly a major ordeal. Making matters worse, untreated tooth loss can result in other complications such as facial structure loss, jawbone deterioration, bite imbalances and undesired tooth shifts. Luckily, tooth loss can be dealt with very effectively by using treatment methods such as dental bridges.

Do Dental Bridges Look Natural?

Sometimes called partial dentures, dental bridges are provided for patients who have lost teeth but still have some healthy teeth as well. Dental bridges are comprised of multiple natural-looking replacement teeth, and they are supported by the healthy teeth that are still present inside the patient’s mouth. A dental bridge will use these existing structures as an anchor, allowing the replacement teeth to remain steady and secure at all times.

Can Dental Bridges be replaced?

Depending upon its type, a dental bridge can either be removable or permanently fixed in the user’s mouth. A removable bridge uses metal clasps or precision attachments to remain constantly secure, even when the wearer is talking or eating. One major benefit of a removable bridge is that it can be easily taken out of the mouth by the user for cleaning purposes. This makes removable bridges very easy to maintain. And when it’s time for general use, the removable bridge can quickly be reinserted.

On the other hand, a fixed bridge can never be taken out, unless the patient receives a surgical procedure. Fixed bridges use one of two methods to remain secure. One way is to apply the fixed bridge on top of existing supporting structures, much in the same way that a single dental crown would be applied. The other method is to bond the bridge directly to the patient’s original teeth, allowing these structures to provide support and stability for the bridge. Because a fixed bridge can never be taken out of the mouth, this type of teeth replacement can provide major comfort and security for a patient.


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