General Dentistry

The dedicated team at NK Family Dental is committed to helping patients obtain beautiful teeth and outstanding oral health. We firmly believe that receiving dental treatment should be a comforting and relaxing experience. That is why we take great pride in providing a warm, spa-like environment where our patients can sit back and enjoy themselves, all while we conduct top-quality and personalized procedures. We hope you will visit us for your next dental appointment so that you can discover what it means to receive top-notch treatment and service.


Dental Bridges: Patients suffering from tooth loss can achieve incredible results with our dental bridges. Not only will a dental bridge restore the look of your smile, it will also provide you with strong, sturdy new teeth to help you with regular tasks like chewing food and speaking clearly.

Dentures: When an entire row of teeth is missing, dentures can work as a functional replacement option. With our dentures, you will enjoy a great-looking smile and many of the benefits of healthy teeth. NK Family Dental offers both removable dentures with stabilization implants and fixed dentures.

Fillings: Used to repair teeth with cavities and other forms of minor damage or decay, our dental fillings leave teeth stronger than ever before. We provide fillings that add to the overall strength of teeth, keeping them healthy as long as proper care is provided.

Halitosis Treatment: Also known as bad breath, chronic halitosis is a condition that affects millions of people. Our experts will help you determine the cause of your halitosis and put a stop to the problem so that you can smile and talk to others with confidence.

Mouth Guard: For patients who play contact sports, protective mouth guards can mean the difference between getting right back into the action, or being sidelined with a serious oral injury. We offer mouth guards custom made for both children and adults, as well as night guards for patients suffering from bruxism.

Professional Teeth Cleanings & Complete Checkups: We recommend visiting NK Family Dental at least twice per year for a routine teeth cleaning and examination. Our complete checkups also include an oral cancer screening, cavity detection with DIAGNOdent and supplemental fluoride applications and digital X-rays when necessary.

Sealants:   Dental sealants are highly effective in protecting teeth from damage, while also making regular oral maintenance easier. Sealants are appropriate for patients of all ages, and they can go a long way towards keeping teeth healthy.


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