Mouth Guards

Sports Mouth Guard

Athletes who play contact sports face a high risk of experiencing a serious mouth injury. Just one heavy impact can cause you to experience oral health problems for the rest of your life. Fortunately, wearing an athletic mouth guard can prevent most oral injuries and help protect your teeth and other oral structures from major damage. The devices are very comfortable to wear, and they can mean the difference between suffering a catastrophic oral injury and getting right back into the game.

NK Family Dental has provided mouth guards for athletes who participate in all types of sports and activities. In addition to preventing issues such as tooth damage and jaw problems, mouth guards have also been shown to reduce the likelihood of concussions and lacerations to the tongue, cheeks and lips.

Dental Mouth Guard

Our mouth guards are built using top-quality materials, and their lightweight design prevents them from interfering with the user’s breathing and speaking. This makes them incredibly ideal for virtually any athletic situation. By offering substantial protection with practically zero downsides, a mouth guard should be considered essential equipment for every athlete. At NK Family Dental, we are proud to offer mouth guards custom-made for both adults and children.

Mouth Guard for Sleeping

In addition to athletic mouth guards, NK Family Dental also provides night guards for patients suffering from bruxism, a sleep disorder that causes an individual to uncontrollably clench and grind their teeth while asleep. Bruxism has been known to result in tooth wear, jaw discomfort, headaches and tooth fractures if left untreated. By wearing a night guard while asleep, these unpleasant symptoms can be greatly reduced, or even eliminated entirely.


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