Oral Surgery

In some cases, providing the best dental treatment possible may include making necessary cuts and incisions inside of a patient’s mouth. This process is known as oral surgery. There are many types of oral surgeries, with some being more extensive and involved than others. Regardless of the type of procedure, oral surgery is safe, and the experts at NK Family Dental take great care and precaution whenever we provide this method of treatment.

Some types of dental procedures that may utilize oral surgery include:

  • Teeth extractions
  • Wisdom teeth removals
  • Dental implant installations
  • Periodontal treatments
  • TMJ disorder treatments

When conducting an oral surgery, we may provide local anesthesia and/or oral sedation. Local anesthetics are applied directly to the area of treatment in order to numb the oral tissue and prevent the patient from experiencing pain or discomfort. Oral sedation is administered by swallowing a simple pill or by inhaling a special gas. Once a patient has been provided with oral sedation, they will typically feel more relaxed and comfortable about receiving oral surgery.

When used together, local anesthesia and methods of oral sedation are highly effective in calming a patient before, during and after oral surgery. Any time that anesthesia is provided, our experts make sure to carefully monitor the process so that the patient will not receive any unwanted side-effects.

One special type of oral surgery offered at NK Family Dental is a bone grafting procedure. This treatment involves supplementing a deteriorated or damaged jawbone with artificial bone-like material. This is done to both strengthen the jawbone and to encourage new bone growth. Bone grafting procedures are often provided before installing dental implants so that the jawbone is able to properly support the implants.


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