Periodontics refers to a subcategory of dentistry that focuses on the supporting structures of teeth, most notably the gums and mouth bones. The field has seen tremendous growth in recent years because of the widespread prevalence of periodontitis, a troubling oral health condition that affects nearly half of all adults to some extent.

Also called gum disease, periodontitis is marked by infection and inflammation of a person’s gums, causing them to appear noticeably swollen. The condition occurs when the gums become irritated from excessive exposure to bacteria and plaque. Over time, gums that are suffering from periodontitis will begin to pull away from the individual’s teeth, creating empty spaces known as periodontal pockets.

When periodontal pockets form, they can quickly become prime locations for large amounts of bacteria and plaque. From there, the condition can easily spread to other areas of the mouth, including the jawbone and the connective tissues of teeth. If this happens, it is very likely that both tooth loss and jawbone deterioration will occur.

Patients suffering from periodontitis are strongly encouraged to seek treatment for gum disease as early as possible. Our practice offers scaling and root planing treatment that is highly effective in treating periodontitis, preventing future occurrences and helping them gums heal. Once periodontitis has been treated, a patient can then get back to maintaining proper oral health.
Scaling and Root Planing

Scaling and root planing is a non-surgical treatment method for gum disease that involves using specialized dental tools to remove all of the plaque, tartar and toxins that have built up above and below a person’s gum line. The first part of the treatment, scaling, involves eliminating plaque from the surface of the teeth and on the root surfaces. The second part, root planing, consists of smoothing out the rough spots that are present on the root surfaces in order to prevent a recurrence of the condition. The treatment is one of the most effective methods for dealing with periodontitis and helping the gums heal.


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